Ways to book your appointment:


*In person

*Online booking

We will not book appointments through text due to delayed responses. Our schedule changes minute to minute due to high traffic and online booking. 

Appointments are ultimately the owner’s responsibility, Knowing the correct date and time is also the client’s responsibility. Please be sure you are reading the auto reminders so you have the correct day and correct time.

Pick Up and Drop Off.

If you are 10 minutes late for your appointment you will be required to reschedule and considered cancelled as it sets us back for the entire day. This also inconveniences other clients. Most dogs can be bathed in 10-15 minutes and many dogs are bathed and dried in 15 minutes. Being late affects the entire day as well as our personal schedules. You will also be required to pay per our cancellation policy.

We give estimates for completion at drop off. We are not set up for and do not offer doggy daycare. You are expected to pick up your dog within the hour of receiving a text or call that your pet is ready. $1 a minute after 60 minutes.

If you receive the private one on one service you are expected to arrive when the pet is complete so the next dog can also have a private session. 

Dogs that display high anxiety or excessive barking must be picked up immediately. This keeps the salon stress level minimal. 

Pet Maintenance 

Each client will be given a recommendation as to how often we should see your pet. Usually every 8 weeks or less with the exception of Bath short haired breeds. Anything past the recommended schedule will not have a set rate for their grooming. Charges will be based on how much product and labor is involved and your pet will receive a short clip after the bath to reflect the schedule you maintain. A regular schedule gets a set grooming rate.  

Cancellations and Reschedules

 Cancellations and reschedules not made with 24 hours notice will need to pay for the full groom price for the missed appointment in order to make any future appointments. Our software reminds everyone two days prior of their appointment allow to you enough time to make changes. The full groom price will be charged for no shows and last minute cancels to pay our staff for their time.

Grooming Adjustments. 

We are happy to make small adjustments to the haircut at pick up or no later than 24 hours after the appointment. Anything after that will require a bath, and there will be a charge for that service. 

Fleas are not permitted on the property.

It is your responsibility to check your pet for fleas prior to arriving. If fleas are found, we will send you straight to the vet. You will be required to pay for the missed appointment. Please check your pets. 

No loose dogs are permitted on the premises. All dogs must be leashed or carried  until secured BEHIND the salon half door.


We reserve the right to stop the groom at any time if there is a concern for safety. You will be charged for whatever services were completed during that session.