Congratulations You Got A Puppy! What now?


When Can We Start?

As soon as possible! Puppies can be groomed as early as 8 weeks old. Many responsible and ethical breeders start their grooming before they go to their forever homes to set them up for success! The earlier you start your puppy the better they will be for the process through out their life. Keeping on a schedule makes it part of their routine and lifestyle. That makes it not scary and more enjoyable. Puppy’s first groom is usually an intro to grooming. bathing, drying, combing, brushing, nails, and maybe some trimming. each groom we go a little further and train them into the process. Puppy’s can also be very difficult to groom if they are not introduced early enough making for a more EXPENSIVE and less enjoyable experience through out their life. This all applies to any breed of puppy even short haired breeds. Bigger dogs not accustomed to grooming early can be nearly impossible to groom once full grown. Nail trims should be done once a month to ensure the nails stay short and your dog is cooperative for life.